My one-year experience with iPhone

  1. Animations - Opening and closing apps in iOS are really nice and smooth
  2. Battery - Battery life is insane compared to Android
  3. Notification permission — For new apps, you have to explicitly grant permission to receive notifications from them. This was very helpful as I don’t want notifications from most of the apps and in Android, I have to go to individual app settings and disable them manually.
  4. Universal clipboard, attending phone calls through Mac — These are all very nice features and I very much miss attending my phone calls through Mac after switching back to Android
  5. Autofill — Android also has an auto-fill feature, but iOS is more polished here
  6. Camera — the camera quality is very good, but I like it more for the fact that I can open the Camera app without any delay. In Android, unless the device is brand new, it would take seconds for the camera app to be opened and be ready to take pictures/videos. And by that time, the moment you want to capture would be lost. I still have my iPhone only for this case, to take pictures and videos.

1. Can’t run anything in the background

2. Recent call history

3. Notifications

4. Display brightness

5. Low power mode

6. No touch id

7. Siri

8. Weird audio routing

9. Artificial delay between touch events



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